Your Mediator

Relationship conflict, whether business or personal, can be a complicated matter to resolve. The involvement of emotions, shared history, money, failures or betrayal can mean that it is fraught with tension and animosity. Traditionally going to court was the only way to solve conflicts. However, mediation is more timely, cost effective and much less stressful on everyone.

For those seeking to resolve contentious and problematic disputes; I will work with each of the parties involved in the conflict; I will take time to understand the factors that impact on each side; I will bring rationale, logical thought to the process and will help both sides to find common ground to resolve their conflicts and move their lives forward.

Through Mediation I can help you resolve your disputes in the following ways:

  • Identify and clarify the main issues,
  • Guide the discussion so that people and issues do not become polarized,
  • Bring out common areas of interest,
  • Help reduce the anger, resistance, bitterness and hostility that can be common place in conflict,
  • Help develop options and goals that are mutually beneficial,
  • Involve parties in cooperative problem solving and goal setting,
  • Encourage parties to produce their own solutions,
  • Help parties to uphold personal dignity and respect so that the agreements reached will be long lasting,
  • Encourage clear confidential communication,
  • Put in place techniques to ensure that any future conflicts will be addressed through a conflict resolution system,

For more information on how I can tailor my mediation services to meet your personal or business needs, please contact me.

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