Mediation & Facilitation Testimonials

Due to the confidential nature of the work carried out with individuals and organisations, some clients have asked to remain anonymous within a public forum. However should any individual or group wish to contact any of the clients below, permission has been granted by them for contact details to be given for individual verification. Please ask Margaret directly for same.

Personal Mediation:

‘We had fought and fought and fought. Finding resolution, common ground and closure on all the conflict seemed impossible. We didn’t know how to do anything but fight and I didn’t believe that mediation would change anything. But our mediation sessions with Margaret created safe spaces for each of us to express ourselves. She ensured that we both had the opportunity to express our side of the story and guided us keep focused on a solution. Without us realising it Margaret helped us to find common ground. Resolving conflict and closing chapters in your life is never easy but mediation with Margaret helped us to do this thereby ensuring we could start our new lives leaving the conflict behind’. (Ryan and Nicola)

Business Mediation

‘The demise of a business partnership can be messy and litigious. In fact, I always thought that the only winners would be our legal teams. But using mediation we avoided all that. 

My business partner and I had reached the end of the line. We wanted different things for the business and these divergent views were damaging the business. The process of mediation was hugely helpful. Margaret brought a fresh approach and a desire to help us resolve the problems. She listened to both parties. She understood both the financial and personal aspect of the breakdown and brought us together to find an agreeable resolution. It’s not an easy process, but it is fast, it is effective and relatively stress-free’. (IT Company)


‘In 2013, our organisation was beginning a process of significant change – where we were moving our entire operation to a new purpose built premises and our remit regarding our client base had been significantly extended. Margaret facilitated a Planning and Change Management Day for our Board of Management and Staff and because of the work carried out that day the change happened almost seamlessly. She is an amazing Facilitator and was very supportive and empowering in helping all present to name their concerns and fears around the upcoming changes. More importantly, through her calm approach and ability to stimulate creative thinking, she also ensured that all present came up with their own solutions for what concerned them in relation to change’. (Government Body)

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