Challenging Irrational Thinking

At the heart of all CBT is the need to overcome irrational thinking. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is intensely practical. How we think has an impact on our behaviour. How we behave has an impact on we think. By understanding how our thoughts and our behaviours are connected we can start to address our challenges and change our thought and behaviour patterns. 

Many people struggle with “irrational thoughts” that cause them to feel fear, anxiety and trepidation. These irrational thoughts, which have no true basis in fact, may lead to low self-esteem, depression, self-enforced isolation, a strong sense of injustice or unfairness and a failure to achieve their true potential. 

The Overcoming Irrational Thinking Programme helps individuals, parents or social care professionals to

  • understand irrational thinking and where it comes from,
  • develop a CBT framework to assess irrational thinking,
  • learn the skills required to challenge/dispute this irrational thinking and
  • replace unhealthy beliefs with more healthy rational ones. 

In practise, the Challenging Irrational Thinking programme, using CBT, encourages a change in behaviour and equips individuals with the skills to ensure that this can be lasting change. 

Talk to Margaret for details of this acclaimed programme and to start your journey of understanding and overcoming irrational thought.